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Outline Development

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

Before putting the pen to paper, every writer needs an intentional outline. At Pen2Paper we believe that having an outline removes the overwhelm many feel when making the decision to move forward with writing a book. We now offer Purpose Planning Sessions to help those who'd like professional guidance with outline development. We've helped our clients lay the groundwork for their books by creating detailed outlines that include all the essential components needed to take a concept from vision to reality. 

The Pen2Paper Purpose Planning Package includes: 

Four thirty-minute weekly discussion calls where we outline everything from the book's preface/introduction to the very last chapter.  At the end of the four sessions you will leave with a meticulously organized outline that includes writing deadlines to keep you motivated during the writing process.

Cost: $350

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Copy Editing- Books, Blogs, and Websites

Do you need grammar and syntax assistance?

Your document, manuscript, website, or project is in its final form during the proofreading and copy editing processes where consistency, grammar, syntax, mechanics are examined and corrected. Services are based on hourly rates, time estimates are identified prior to the editorial process. Pen2Paper Editorial offers four copy editing services: 

Pen2Paper Fundamental Proofreading Service— After the copy editing process is complete, let us make sure your document, website, or book is error-free by reviewing any typographical, typesetting, or formatting errors. 

*Manuscript samples must be submitted in order to receive a cost estimate for editorial services*

Pen2Paper Copy Editor's Delight Service— This service includes correcting grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, as well as provides comprehensive editorial insight that reveals repeated convoluted passages and persistent errors within a manuscript—we will also supply revision suggestions. Our to-the-point, yet honest queries will identify redundancies, gaps in logic, or general organizational concerns. A detailed style sheet is included.


Pen2Paper's Line by Line Service (Line & Substantive Editing)— The main goal of line (substantive) editing is to improve the effectiveness of the writer's words. This is achieved by tightening and clarifying prose on a chapter, paragraph, or sentence level. Line editing will also highlight ambiguities, shifts in the narrative, and enhance the tone of your story. A detailed style sheet is included.

Pen2Paper A Step Beyond Developmental Editing Service— This service focuses on deep manuscript revisions by addressing the big-picture issues like story structure and content development. We take it a step beyond chapter reorganizing to include author re-writing or supplying new material, based on editor’s suggestions (this step is required in many cases).  A detailed style sheet and one thirty-minute phone consultation is included, additional phone consultations are available for a flat rate. 

A note to authors: Pen2Paper edits non-fiction and children’s manuscripts. We accept a wide range of non-fiction that includes: self-help, spiritual, memoirs, creative non-fiction, travel and guides. Pen2Paper also copy edits and proofreads poetry. We also offer select-beta reading services. If you’re interested in having your manuscript reviewed or a beta read, please submit your information on the contact form to discuss.

If you need help identifying which service your work might benefit from, we can perform a brief manuscript review to assess your work and send you a non-binding estimate. Pen2Paper requires that authors submit at least 5,000 words or 20 pages, preferably from the middle of your manuscript or the first fourth of your document if it's more than 50 pages so that the proper editorial service can be identified and project timeline can be assessed. Pen2Paper Editorial only accepts samples in Word documents. Please email your sample to create@pen2papereditorial.com.


*Pen2Paper does not distribute NDAs, but we will gladly sign one if it's required.*


Pen2Paper Total Package Blog Post Service— Leave your blog posts in trusted and capable hands while you continue creating. We’ll format your copy to make it SEO-friendly and liven up your text to help tell your compelling story, share information, or  provide service updates tailored to your audience.

All blog copy editing services include proofreading and rates begin at $40 for blogs up to 630 words. For lengthier blog posts, please contact us directly for blog assessment and rates.

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Children's Book Services

Stories for the young leaders and readers of the future. 

Working with children's book authors is one of our favorite things to do. Pen2Paper Editorial has partnered with many authors in their efforts to share stories that are funny, lighthearted, and identity-driven—perfect for children of all ages. Consider one of our three editorial services for your next Amazon-best selling children's book. 

Pen2Paper Fundamental Proofreading Service (Children's Books)— This service benefits the author whose book has minimal punctuation and grammar issues. We ensure that all material, including dedication, acknowledgements, and or back matter has been added, if desired. 

Pen2Paper Storytime Developmental Editing Service— With this service, Pen2Paper assesses the details of the storyline, addresses plot issues, pacing, and character inconsistencies. We correct all of these issues to create a well-structured story.  We do offer text-story board development in addition to our Storytime editing service, but it is not required to receive developmental editing. Please contact us directly to learn more about the benefits of storyboard development. 

Pen2Paper To-Tell-a-Story Ghostwriting Service—You have a concept, you have an outline, but you need assistance with writing the story well.  Pen2Paper assists children's book storytellers in the writing process. One thirty-minute phone consultation is included with this service. 

If you are interested in our children's book editorial services, please submit your information and book needs on the contact form for rate details.  To receive an estimate, please submit at least fifty percent of your manuscript in a Word document—full manuscript submissions for children's books are preferred.

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Content Writing Services-Bios, Resumes, & Cover Letters

Hire a professional wordsmith for your brand , professional, or educational needs.


Our biography clients range from social media influencers to ministry leaders to business professionals. No matter which category you fall under, Pen2Paper Editorial can create an attention-grabbing biography that will strengthen your reputation and help you stand out from the crowd.

We offer two biography writing services: 

Bite-Sized-Biography Writing Service— this service is great for social media influencers or those who only need a brief life and professional snapshot in 250 words or less. 

Fee: $75

World Changer's Biography Writing Service— this service is for business professionals, bloggers, ministry leaders, social media influencers, or community leaders who are re-branding, updating websites, booking speaking engagements, or expanding into other areas of business. This service includes an interview that can be conducted via e-mail or telephone.


Starting Fee: $125


It can be difficult to know how to present yourself and your work experience in a resume. A resume or cover letter writing partnership with P2P removes the guess work for you. We have a skilled resume writer on our staff will write a stellar professional resume, cover letter, or both to help you not only land the interview, but get the job. Students (undergraduate and graduate) P2P also offers writing assistance for statements of purpose and letters of intent. Please submit your information on our contact page to learn more about our resume and collegiate writing practices and fees.


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B2B Partnerships

Having a skilled editor on retainer is a must for your business. 

Pen2Paper Editorial has worked with awarding-winning branding agencies, online magazines, bloggers, and major publishing houses to lend our editorial skill for business web copy, company websites, children's books, and various entertainment pieces. We are always open to collaborative partnerships because we understand the importance of sending a clear message.  Partner with us to have an editorial expert for your professional needs. Please send us an email to discuss partnership rates.


We offer: 

  • Copy Editing

  • Developmental Editing

  • Proofreading 

  • Content Writing 

A few brands we've partnered with:  

Inkwell Publishing

Literacy in Motion

Penguin Random House 

10 Speed Press


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