There’s a certain mysticism to a well-written book or manuscript. I often find myself spellbound by great literature. That’s what started my quest to know the inner workings of the written word beyond merely seeing text on a page. I desired to learn about writing with grace, clarity, and style — how to make words comprehensible to every audience.

Meisha Mayo


Meisha Mayo

Owner and Executive Editor

As a business turned communication major, Meisha worked meticulously to perfect her craft as a writer— quickly adapting to the nuances of writing for both the newspaper and television. She learned the art of brevity while working in television and how to carefully add more detail for the ever-curious reader during her time with the newspaper. The invaluable lessons of her dual experience piqued her curiosity to the technical side of writing and editing.


After receiving her bachelor of science in communication, Meisha wanted to combine her experiences and went on to obtain a post-baccalaureate certification in copy editing from the University of California, Berkeley. In the editorial program, she mastered the proper use of grammar and syntax — learning how to edit prose for a wide range of audiences.

Meisha’s impassioned pursuit to understand the English language at the highest level is the inspiration behind Pen2Paper Editorial. She holds the belief that words give us insight into the past and tell the stories of our present while giving shape to our future. Pen2Paper Editorial wants to elevate your prose to its rightful place in history.

After you’ve put your pen to paper, please send your non-fiction manuscripts, children's books, blogs, websites, e-mail campaigns, or resumes—Pen2Paper will help you reach the world with the same grace, clarity, and style that are the foundation and constant pursuit of this company.