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There’s a certain mysticism to a well-written book or manuscript. I often find myself spellbound by great literature. That’s what started my quest to know the inner workings of the written word beyond merely seeing text on a page. I desired to learn about writing with grace, clarity, and style — how to make words comprehensible to every audience.

Meisha Mayo


Meisha Mayo

Lead Creative-Copy Editor 

There’s something magical about having a childhood dream and striving to achieve it well into adulthood. Meisha Mayo is the proverbial unicorn who has achieved this rare milestone. From a young age, words have always captivated Meisha and, as she matriculated, they became the foundation for her career endeavors. While obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Communications, she gained experience writing for both newspaper and television, allowing her to learn the art of tailoring communication to fit the audience. Not only did these opportunities hone her writing techniques, but they also inspired her to pursue a new realm of communications: editing.

In 2017, Meisha began to forge a new path as she obtained a post-baccalaureate certification in copy editing from the University of California, Berkeley. In the editorial program, she mastered the proper use of grammar and syntax — learning how to edit prose for a wide range of audiences. This experience would propel her to ultimately pursue her career in editing. While a global pandemic may have hindered some, for Meisha it served as the backdrop to put her ambitions into motion. Despite the pressures of homeschooling two children and supporting her husband's professional career, she took a risk and launched her editorial business, Pen2Paper Editorial, in April of 2020.


In just a short time, Meisha has aided creatives in finding and refining their voices and has partnered with notable powerhouses such as Penguin Random House and The Crown Publishing Group. In a world inundated with written words, Meisha is driven to provide her clients with an outlet to present themselves in a way that is professional, authentic, and powerful.

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