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Every client deserves a skilled editorial professional who shares the same passion to see their project reach its highest potential. Your professional experience is of utmost importance to us. Email Pen2Paper to start a business partnership.



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Pen2Paper Editorial is a woman-led, boutique editorial company that was launched in April of 2020. We specialize in copy editing, content writing, and resume writing services. Pen2Paper's Executive Editor, Meisha Mayo, is a UC Berkeley certified copy editor and professional writer.  You can read more about her here


Positive feedback from business partnerships is a major indicator that Pen2Paper Editorial is well on its way to become a highly-sought after editorial company. In a few short months, Pen2Paper Editorial has partnered with award-winning brands, online magazines, and publishing houses to bring "professionalism, skill, and a commitment to excellence" to manuscripts, business websites, national blogs, and web copy.  

Our independent author Creative Partnerships remind us of the certain truth that everyone has a story to tell, and every writer benefits from having a skilled editing partner. Our goal is and has always been to maintain your voice and to work alongside you to tell your story, not ours. 

Creativity is endless, but we do have a limit for the types of projects we take on. Please visit our services page to review our detailed service list and read the types of non-fiction genres that we accept. Entrepreneurs—we see you, we hear you, and we welcome any opportunity to partner with you to create fresh content or copy edit existing material that will influence and captivate your audiences. 


It is our goal to do what we can to assuage the emotion some may experience during the writing and editing processes. 

Partnering with Pen2Paper Editorial is your gateway to changing the world, one word a time. 

Chicago Manual of Style and AP style are the official style guides of Pen2Paper Editorial. 

Keep the main thing the main thing

Effective communication is the key to establishing a new brand and reminding consumers of a company's reputation, and with our editorial experience, you can trust that you'll receive timely, expertly crafted content. 

Effective messaging is important to protect your brand’s reputation and because every word matters, we will continue to support small businesses, corporate entities, and entrepreneurs by giving you error-free e-mail correspondence, marketing materials, media articles, and website content.





With the amount of research and time you spend creating content for the most prominent documents of your academic careers, you need an editing expert in your corner that will rid your manuscript of errors and inconsistencies while you keep the main thing the main thing.



Bloggers, professional writers, or moonlighting professionals—connecting with your growing audience in a clear and graceful way is so important and I will insightfully edit your blogs, social media posts, web content so that your words reach your intended audience in an impactful and meaningful way.




You're closer to achieving your dream than you think. Hire Pen2Paper Editorial to as the expert to write your next  professional resume, cover letter, or statement of purpose. Our clients have landed teaching jobs, gotten accepted into graduate school, and changed careers. You could be next. 



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Client Appreciation

I have gone through other services to have my work edited, and Meisha Mayo is by far the best one I have ever had. Her prices are reasonable, she has a quick turnaround time, constant communication, and her editing skills are absolutely professional. I feel more confident in producing my work having her on my team. I will definitely be using her for future projects and I would absolutely recommend anyone that needs some serious editing done to contact Meisha Mayo as their first choice.”-

W. Lewis

Finance Expert and Entrepreneur